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A Tribute to Skylyr

Skylyr was a beautiful and wonderful soul who left this world way to early. Skylyr passed away at the young age of 6. Why she left us so early, unfortunately we will never know. To honor her Lifesavers will save as many Great Pyrenees as our volunteers possibly can.

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Lifesavers: Skylyr’s Passion, LSP, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping pets help people and people help pets. LSP was founded in 2012 to give homeless pets a chance at the life they deserve and give people that want them an opportunity to find them.
We focus on matching homeless pets with potential adoptive families. This has resulted in some amazing results: We have many adoptions that have the humans telling us that they are thrilled to have found the pet they adopted. And the pets are equally thrilled with the homes they have found.
We have a wonderful team of volunteers and fosters that makes this possible. We invite you to become part of the team. It is fun and very rewarding.
Pet of the Week

Blaze is a gorgeous 8 month old male black lab mix with a docked tail that currently weighs about 40lbs. Lifesavers saw a video of Blaze at a high kill shelter in Texas where he was really scared and shut down .